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The show was fantastic - congrats on your well deserved win!! Your alien was awesome!
Ewww! I currently only bake at home for family - hair pulled back, upper body covered appropriately (usually t-shirt and apron), remove ALL jewelry (never know when a loose earring might try to escape), scrub nails (which are always short). Anything less would be disgusting!! It also makes me sick to watch all those chefs sweat into the food/cakes like a fountain. Use hats, bandanas, head bands or something/anything!!
My name is Sue and I'm addicted to everything "cakes"! I just re-arranged my kitchen cabinets so I could store my new square magic line pan sets (that I insisted to myself I had to buy to make 1 small cake for my nephew)! My DH wants to know what I'm planning to do with all the stuff (non-cake) currently piled up on my kitchen table. I have cake toys in my dining room, bedroom closet, laundry room, attic - I'm hopeless! I shopped at a chef supply store with my son (age...
Saw this thread the other day. Not a Tiffany box but a hat box.
Totally agree with jeartist. Awesome Cakes at least shows some interesting decorating methods and gives people a more realistic view of what it takes to really make the more complicated cakes. The rest are all drama - not worth investing the time to watch!
I have not tried it yet but there is an egg-less vanilla cake recipe on this site that seems to have gotten good reviews.!
A tea party theme might be nice with a pretty, lacy tablecloth. You could make the teapot and cups and maybe a plate of tiny tea sandwiches. You could even do a miniature of the cake you are making to put on the table.
How about doing a cake with movie reels on top and along the sides of the bottom tier add some movie posters. Maybe you could even add some props that highlight some of the funny scenes too.
Let's face it - not ALL of the cake hit the floor - only part of it! The rest is fair game IMO! My kids are in their 20's and I guarantee I'd be on that cake today as fast as I would have if they were age 3. Actually faster - they both love to bake like me - and they're very good at it!
There are a couple of non-chocolate recipes here:
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