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I often use a large light fabric tote bag (like grocery store types). They're the perfect size to carry a lot, but are still strong. I put my tools/supplies in those clear plastic shoe boxes which stack very nicely and don't crush. I can still fit a sketch pad, folder and other items on the side. They're also a lot less expensive.
You can also use Evernote - it's great because you can set up loads of "notebooks" which makes it easy to find things. All searchable and you can save all kinds of docs, pdfs, photos, videos, etc.
I voted for #1 but I would like it better if the chef hat was replaced by the cake slice. #2 is too droopy looking and I liked #3 also but it reminds me of pancakes somehow.
Found this a while back - I'm sure you can use scratch batter too instead of a mix.
Great link - THANKS!!!!
Here's a fondant camo tutorial... case you need to add any separate decorations.
Maybe you can do silhouettes on each tier of different ballroom dances. There must be certain moves that are specific to each type of dance that would be recognizable.
Welcome! Your cakes are fantastic!
King Arthur Flour has a page that explains how to multiply/divide recipes. I would figure out the number of square inches of batter/dough you need for the 8x8 and divide that into the square inches for the other two sizes. This will give you approximately the number of original recipes you'll need. Then use the calculations from this page to determine ingredient measurements:
Bought one for my 5.5 Qt KA. It saves so much time not having to scrape down the sides of the bowl and no more unmixed ingredients at the bottom! Best baking gadget money I ever spent.
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