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The new tins that you can buy are great, You dont have to carve the cakes. Just stack them with buttercream or royal icing on the base of each tier as a glue then I put one dowel central to the tiers from the top right through to the base board.
Hi everyone. I have a cricut and am finding it impossible to buy "Black" frosting sheets. Does anyone know if they are available???? I could colour some gumpaste/fondant but as you all know it take soooo much food colouring to get pure black. I could perhaps buy black fondant, but will it change greatly in colour if I add some gumpaste to it???? Really not sure how to go about this. Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks in advance, Leanne
Hi everyone, I have had customers ask me iof I can make bride & groom figures to go on top of their wedding cakes. I have been honest and told them that I have not yet attempted to do them. So if there is anyone out there that can give me some help in this area it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance,Leanne
Thankyou for your comment "bakerann"
Her in australia we have viva paper but it is patterned. Wish we had the smooth one
I understand that we are all at different standards of talent when it comes to cake decorating and that there are other factors to consider in pricing. I still think it would be interesting if we listed the price as well. I agree that if a cake was sold for $800 that due to my or others standards we would not charge the same. Yhanks for your replies.
Hi everyone. Just thought how helpful it would be for myself if not others, that when we post a picture of a cake that we have made for a customer/client etc that we could also list the "price" that the cake was being purchased for. Would be really helpful to know what the going prices are for all the time and effort that we put into our cake decorating. Sometimes it's hard to judge what we should be charging people.What Do You Think???????
I am in victoria
Thankyou for your comment. I have already spoken with my local council and they have done an inspection of my "Kitchen" and have only today given me the approval to bake & sell from home. I have also done a food handlers course, which is required here in australia. Thanks again for your advice. Regards Leanne
Hi Everyone, can someone PLEASE help me. I have people wanting me to make cakes for them, which is great. I am not sure how i go about "prices" for them. Some are more complex with decorations than others. Any ideas????? thanks in advance Leanne from Australia
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