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That's up to you and whether or not you want to make less money or more money.   I use the same serving size for ALL of my cakes.  1X2X4 is actually a pretty generous serving of cake.  I've made some birthday cakes that are more elaborate than some wedding cakes, why should I make less on the birthday cake, if I were to use "party servings"?  :)
Where does everyone get theirs?   I was looking at Stover & Co online...GREAT prices but holy crap, their shipping!   $46 to ship a 50 pound bag of $15 cake flour 0_o
I really like Woodland's bakery SMBC...It's like the perfect mix between american buttercream and SMBC.   I'm in Kentucky, meringue buttercreams aren't popular here in the south.  I very rarely ever get a request for it.  I will tell you what SMBC is good for though, making fillings.  It's great because it's not too sweet but gives you a very nice filling when you add things.
I like Valrhona and Guittard cocoa powder.
When you fill your cake, go in about a 1/2 inch and pipe a very thick dam, then put in the rest of your filling.  Once you put the rest o the cake on top, crumb coat and allow to settle for a few hours.
I don't charge rush fees...I can either complete the order by deadline or I can't.
the Hershey's chocolate frosting gets darker over time.  It's light when you first make it, then gets darker.  You could also use dark cocoa powder.   Oh and I never melt my butter...I just make sure it's very soft.
  I used the Hershey's chocolate frosting recipe for these  
Whipped ganache is delicious.   I also like the chocolate frosting on the hershey's cocoa powder can.  It holds it's shape really well.
The best vanilla cake I've ever made is Lizzo Marek's vanilla cake recipe.
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