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I don't charge rush fees...I can either complete the order by deadline or I can't.
the Hershey's chocolate frosting gets darker over time.  It's light when you first make it, then gets darker.  You could also use dark cocoa powder.   Oh and I never melt my butter...I just make sure it's very soft.
  I used the Hershey's chocolate frosting recipe for these  
Whipped ganache is delicious.   I also like the chocolate frosting on the hershey's cocoa powder can.  It holds it's shape really well.
The best vanilla cake I've ever made is Lizzo Marek's vanilla cake recipe.
My table cakes/dessert cakes are 8 inch round, 4 layers of cake, 3 of filling.  I say they serve 14-16.  I use this Ateco cake marker.  
I use cakeboss, I love it.
I bake from scratch only.
There is a lady in my city that charges .65 cents per cupcake -_-  She gets quite a bit of business but she can't be making any money.
Not enough frosting on your cake.  You literally have to start out with A TON of butter-cream and with the bench scraper use very light pressure.    It looks like a combination of not enough butter cream on the cake and too much pressure with the bench scrapper.
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