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Hi, I drove with my beach ball cake 2 hours this summer. The cake was 2 tiers and the top tier a ball. The cake was completely finished. I keep all my fondant cakes in the frig without ever a problem. I turned the air on in my car and got it very cold and we made it to my destination-Knoxville, TN without a hitch! Each cake was on a cake board. The bottom cake- a drum was also on a 1/2 inch foam board. I duck taped the foam board to a glass plate. I had straw supports in...
I have a cake cricut and I like to shadow letters. You could do this in a different color and slightly set the letter forward to create this effect. You can look at my Minnie Cake and Baseball cake in my gallery to see a shadowed letter. I like them far better and it is extra trouble, but looks so much better in my opinion. Thanks,Joni
The same message comes up for me. Please help. There are pics I would like to delete as well. Thanks Joni
We are our own worst critics. The cake is nice and will surely sale. My mother died of breast cancer and it is great you took time from your busy schedule to do this. It made me hungry reading about it. Good Luck and Thanks!
I made a Dr. Suess cake and set the fish bowl on top of the hat, but if I were doing this I would hot glue the cake board to the top of the fish bowl. The bowl itself could actually have a round piece of 1/2 foam board hot glued to the bottom of it. 3-5 sharpened dowel inserted in the foam board and then inserted in the cake for stability. Better safe than sorry. That is what I would do. Hope that helps some. Joni
Hello, try brushing on a thin layer of piping gel. Joni
Hello, buy Sharon Zambito's Topsy Turvy Cake DVD. It is excellent! Joni
Hello, I just made a cow cake for a friend and made the hay out of large shredded wheat and tied it up. Take a look at my pic in my gallery. I really liked how this turned out. Hope this idea helps and it takes no time to do it. The box of cereal was around $4! Have a nice day. Joni
Hello, have a pot of boiling water near by. Place your utensil in it & hold a few secs. Dry and lightly smooth across frosting-should work like a charm. Joni
What about using an Angel food cake pan? It's a thought. I would ganache the cake if you want it "sturdier." Back to the Angel food pan. You could carve out from the initial hole and place maybe a 6 in round cake in the bottom. Good Luck, Joni
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