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It's a year later and I am vacationing away from home so I had to pull my old recipe from CC and realized I wasn't clear in you use the WASC recipe BUT exchange some of the ingredients I listed in my post!  I apologize to those who tried this incomplete recipe.
I'm curious also, what printer etc. would the husband (Print Master) recommend?
Here is a very rough estimate. For starters a 6, 8 and 10 will feed around 50 people so the first thing I would do is determine my base price per serving (an average of $4.00 would be $200.00) then I would add in the per cost of the flowers (the photo has well over 75 flowers with greenery on this picture but it is much larger than you are requiring, I would cut that number down to about 50, so if they are gumpaste then I would come up with a "per flower" price based on...
Pike (Pie + Cake), PIC (Pie in Cake), Cakesturd (Cake w/custard) I don't know about this one cause it looks like cakes turd , Cuscake (custard + cake), Pie-in-a-blanket, Wrapped Cream, Creamed Cake, Stuffed Fluff.
It shouldn't hurt to switch to cream in the batch you already have!
A good crusting buttercream is not hard throughout just the thinest top layer. I use the same buttercream recipe for both cakes and cupcakes and they are always yummy and delicious. I don't use water to thin, try using heavy cream or liquid coffee creamer in lieu of water, also you might want to try adjusting the butter to shortening ratio, possibly 1/2 and 1/2 for a creamier texture.
You can do chocolate buttercream under the white fondant but measure twice - apply once! Make double sure your buttercream has crusted (I even put my in the freezer for about 10 minutes). If you make a boo boo and have to take off the fondant you can gently wipe off the chocolate with a damp towel, knead, re-roll and try again.
You can take your clean paint brush with clear vodka and with light strokes you can clean off the unwanted color, lightly blot with a paper towel, let dry (blow dryers help - on cool setting).
I am lucky enough to have a restaurant supply store near my work and home and I can get heavy duty straight sided 3" cake pans in 6, 8, 10 and 12 and the most expensive is only $5.95! Look in your phone book and see if you can't find a restaurant supply store open to the public... They have lots of other fun things too!
I just had to chime in... I was contacted by a bride to be and I gave her a quote based on a simple elegant cake for 150 people. I never heard back from her but she had contacted me on Facebook so I was "befriended"....anyway, the next day I noticed she posted a request asking if anyone knew of where she could get a cheap wedding for it...... two days later she posted a picture of their new Ford Explorer! Just say'in....
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