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try their technique for getting the cake on the board.
I would be worried about the competition posing as visitors.
Personally, I would be offended that she would ask another person to bring more cake.   If you use the 60% rule from Indydebi, your cake alone will serve all of her guests.
I've tried it with corn syrup and had a lot more success with glycerin. I don't remember the fondant cracking at all using glycerin. Wilton sells small bottles but now I purchase the larger bottles from a supplier here in Canada.   Everyone loves the taste of this fondant.
Are the cake pops and mini cupcakes served at the same time as your cake? It could be for a midnight buffet!? If it's to be served at the same time, there will be a lot of leftover....cake, cupcakes and pops. I recommend discussing it with the bride and/or groom to make things clear...and avoid disappointment. I would ask for a more specific number of guests, when the cake will be served, if they want to keep the top tier for their first year anniversary (changes the...
It gave me a beige custard which I did not find very appetizing so I added some yellow food colouring...kind of helped.
Look at the videos from Cake Style on Youtube. I think it's called cake foundation.
if the buttercream icing is not the "crusting kind", it will stick to the buttercream on it's own. Otherwise, use AZCouture's suggestions.
Is it just jam or jam mixed with buttercream? If it's just jam, you can freeze up to a year.
I'm making it tonight for my banana split cupcakes...I will let you know.
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