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read this article on egg whites and salmonella:
I have a cake chart based on Indydebi's method. I print one for each tier and give it to my contact person at the venue. when I like to customer (!) I will draw a life size cake chart on wax paper...this way they can just put it on the cake and score where the servings need to be cut.
I screwed the flange in press wood board (which will be covered in fondant). I usually make 3 tiers, sometimes 4 tier tall cakes (16 inches in total) so therefore, I don't see the point. If someone knocks it down once delivered, it won't be my problem. Ron makes cakes that are sometimes 7-8 tiers tall...if I ever have to make an enormous cake then I will reconsider.   It only takes me 15-30 minutes to assemble the cake at the venue but for a center dowel it would take me...
Did you let it set for a few hours? I usually make the ganache the night before and if needed, I microwave it by 10 second increments.   It should look like peanut butter when you mix the ingredients ( and like this when rested (   Hang in there, ganache is worth it in my opinion.
I've been using a flange to make it extra sturdy.   Last time, I thought for sure that everything would be lined up and again it didn't work. I gave up.
I use the semi-sweet chipits and the ratio is 2:1. I leave it at room temperature for a few hours before using otherwise it is too soft.
I always use Chipits and it tastes great.
I agree with you, it didn't matter how much measuring I did, the cakes were never lined up. I am never using them again. I'm now stacking cakes on site!
the first thing I learned in business school is unless you are a non for profit company, the goal is to make a profit. after paying for your labour (you - between 17 and 21$ an hour) and your supplies, add a profit (I add between 10 and 15%). I know it takes time to estimate all of this but your business will only be successful if you look closely at your prices. owning a business is not just about cake decorating.
she's just trying to make you feel bad. I have a clause in my contract that states I can cancel orders with a full refund to the customer. unfortunately, i'm pretty sure she doesn't care about the reason for canceling. she only sees the impact it will have on her big day.
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