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That would make sense. I find that it does take a long time to bake. Thank you for you input.
Thank you Mimi for this recipe. It beats all the other recipes I've tested (over a dozen). I've tried your original recipe but after tasting the recipe with buttermilk versus sour cream, we switched to sour cream. I can't remember if the original recipe created this type of crust.   I test my oven regularly but maybe I should look at it again.   I use a professional cake release spray.   Maybe I'll try the Wilton bake-even strips....that I have somewhere in my kit.
I have been making a very good yellow cake recipe inspired by mimifix. I just changed the buttermilk for sour cream.   Everyone loves it but it leave a thick crust around the cake which I have to remove everytime.   I don't have this problem with other recipes. What could it be? My pans? An ingredient?   3 large eggs 1 cup oil 2 cups sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1¼ cups sour cream 3 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon baking soda 1...
You could use some chocolate extract. Maybe you cannot use alcohol, but sometimes I replace the water for chocolate stout (beer). I have also read some posts of people adding chocolate syrup on top of their cake after baking.
Here's the recipe.
A 10 inch round is almost double the volume of a 8 inch round.
I would wait but in the meantime you can put the dowels in your two bottom tiers and prepare the "glue" (ganache, buttercream, royal icing) which will be used to fix the tiers together. Stacking takes only a few minutes if you have all your tools ready.
You can find it on her blog in the "commonly asked questions" section.
It's a cake decorating video (not really a tutorial) but I was amazed with his technique to box the cakes. Never thought about using spray foam.
In my opinion, it taste a lot like the buttercream used for store bought cakes (not a bad thing at's really good).   I usually use Swiss meringue buttercream. I think I will use Indydebi's for children's cakes or when the weather is humid and very warm.
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