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I have a disclaimer that says cakes are to be kept at a temperature between 18 and 23 degrees. I insist on it during my appoitment with the client. it's clear to everyone and i've never had a problem. I also refuse to make buttercream cakes from May to September.
I use exactly what you said 1/4 inch with fondant and 1/2 without.
to get a shine I use an immersion blender instead of mixing by hand. the shine means that the ingredients are well combined. some ganaches have butter (for smoothness) and others have corn syrup (for more shine).
I never promise to recreate an exact color. I tell my clients that it will be similar to what they are asking.
I add cake boards and dowels every 4-5 inches when I do tall cakes.
You have a lot of good ideas but you will definately need to test them all before you take on a wedding cake. You don't want to be stressed the week of the wedding. I'm sure you can find events / celebrations around your family/ friend where you could make them cakes and at the same time practice these new techniques. I have had SMBC after 4 days at room temperature and it was still good. I just don't usually wait that long when making cakes. The cake from Martha does...
The eggs is SMBC are cooked. SMBC will last a good 2 days out of the fridge....but not in warm weather due to it's butter content. I use ganache for the exterior of my cakes. I find ganache better at keeping the inside of the cake fresh and keep the fondant nice and straight.
I use SMBC but I've seen recipes that include way too much butter. My ratios are: 8 large egg white 2 cup of sugar 1 pound of butter I was never successful with the flour recipes but I hear that it can take a while to perfect it.
I think we have the responsibility of managing expectations with our customers...even if they say "I don't care". We have to absolutely communicate, draw, explain what they are getting in the end. I do this in my day job...people can't complain after that.
You cover just the top with a dab of water/shortening/piping gel.
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