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if you use an immersion blender to mix the cream and melted chocolate, the ganache will become silky and shinny and it will create the perfect emulsion.
did you lose business because you booked this date for her? did you invest money in ingredients or tools? if yes, then I would keep it. also I would be worried that she would demand a specific cake or cupcakes. like someone else said...she's going fishing.
also make sure to state that they need to return the stand...i've had clients think that I would pick it up at their house for them.
I never use a cake stand for tiers larger than 13 inches. they are very heavy and I don't trust them at all.
it's very nice. I would have covered the cake board in fondant/gumpaste. I usually cover th cake board ahead of time because I know that after working on a cake, I am exhausted and do not want to spend more time on things like cake boards.
mud cakes are wonderful for carving when cold (you can find recipes on google) and moist.
read this article on egg whites and salmonella:
I have a cake chart based on Indydebi's method. I print one for each tier and give it to my contact person at the venue. when I like to customer (!) I will draw a life size cake chart on wax paper...this way they can just put it on the cake and score where the servings need to be cut.
I screwed the flange in press wood board (which will be covered in fondant). I usually make 3 tiers, sometimes 4 tier tall cakes (16 inches in total) so therefore, I don't see the point. If someone knocks it down once delivered, it won't be my problem. Ron makes cakes that are sometimes 7-8 tiers tall...if I ever have to make an enormous cake then I will reconsider.   It only takes me 15-30 minutes to assemble the cake at the venue but for a center dowel it would take me...
Did you let it set for a few hours? I usually make the ganache the night before and if needed, I microwave it by 10 second increments.   It should look like peanut butter when you mix the ingredients ( and like this when rested (   Hang in there, ganache is worth it in my opinion.
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