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what I did once (and will never do again) is mix different leftover chocolate from different companies. the ganache did not mix properly and was a big mess. I later learned that you need to use similar products for a successful ganache.
if you think the mud cake is almost perfect, you should try to make it the best. trying milk chocolate vs dark chocolate would be a good first step. that's what I did with Hershey's chocolate cake.. I made several changes until it was perfect for my needs...but it took more than a weekend
corn syrup will only work when the ganache remain soft like poured ganache or chocolate sauce (that's my trick when I make chocolate sauce to keep it shinny)
if it's covered in fondant, I would keep it in the fridge without wrapping it. if it's covered in buttercream, I would cover it with a cake dome and keep it in the fridge.
if you use an immersion blender to mix the cream and melted chocolate, the ganache will become silky and shinny and it will create the perfect emulsion.
did you lose business because you booked this date for her? did you invest money in ingredients or tools? if yes, then I would keep it. also I would be worried that she would demand a specific cake or cupcakes. like someone else said...she's going fishing.
also make sure to state that they need to return the stand...i've had clients think that I would pick it up at their house for them.
I never use a cake stand for tiers larger than 13 inches. they are very heavy and I don't trust them at all.
it's very nice. I would have covered the cake board in fondant/gumpaste. I usually cover th cake board ahead of time because I know that after working on a cake, I am exhausted and do not want to spend more time on things like cake boards.
mud cakes are wonderful for carving when cold (you can find recipes on google) and moist.
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