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Where is it on sale? Sorry I hijacked your thread!
Aah... I've got a lot to learn!! LMAO! Thank you for schoolin' me!
Dumb question... What's IMBC and SMBC? I'm assuming butter cream? Thank you for the links to older posts!!
What is so much better about the bowl lift -vs- the top that tilts back? (not meaning to sound snotty at all! I know that's kinda how it comes across... )I'm looking for one, too, but don't know if I can justify spending $300+ on a mixer, since I'm not selling my cakes.
*hijacking* So what you're saying is that if a piece of fondant, cut to a shape or the shape of the cake, is put onto a cake already covered in buttercream, there *should* be no worries of it falling off? I'm hoping that's what you're saying! I'm planning on making a smash cake for my 1 year old and using fondant to make a 2D monkey face to put on the side of the cake. I was concerned it'd peel or slide off. I don't want to cover the entire cake with fondant because he...
Ok. I am TOTALLY new at this whole thing. I've done cupcakes for a couple years, but now I have kids and want to tackle thier birthday cakes! I made a 12x12 square the other day, and had to use two cooling racks next to each other to cool it. First off - it was a disaster trying to transfer the cake (already cooled approx 10m in the pan) from the pan to the racks. Didn't do it fast enough, the cake slid down in the pan, and about 3" broke off along the entire edge. I...
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