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Thank you everyone for the replies. To JanH, thanks for the explaination regarding a bundt cake, as I never knew that was the difference.
Was thinking of making a lemon poppy seed cake for Easter. Just a few questions I would like to put out there.Anyone have experience soaking the seeds over night vs not soaking them?Also, many of the recipes out there use bundt cake pans. Why do you think that is. I wanted to use a 10x3 inch round pan. Do you think I will regret that decision?Thanks ahead of time for any help. I'm not really interested in making a practice cake and I know someone here will give me...
I'm new to cake decorating and would love to try a lace like this. too. I guess my question would be what would be the pros and cons of using a fondant mold vs Sugarveil. Taking cost out of the picture, which do people think are easier to use for a newbie like some of us?
Thank you MBHazel. I think I will try the melts at some time.
Somewhere I read that you also put one dowel all the way through the entire cake if the cake is tall and to be transported. The dowel was sharp, so that it could go through the cardboard layers.
I keep reading references to "Bali wedding cakes." Uh, what is a Bali wedding cake?
The little cakes are beautiful. When people say to melt some chocolate, can it just be any bar of dark chocolate? I'm so confused when it comes to what chocolate to use, as there are so many choices out there.
Thanks Marianna46. Someone suggested rolling the dough between 2 pieces of parchement, so I tried that. I'm still undecided if that is something I want to continue doing, but what I did find out is that the pieces of dough didn't get as tough and had less bubbles. I still got some bubbles though, so I am going to continue to work on solving this. I do like the plastic bag idea and will try that next. Someone had said they use regular vinyl sheets. My problem with...
I am a snob when it comes to many things....only drink Starbucks, etc..... For years I ony made scratch cakes. I now make much larger cakes and thus make a scratch and box cake to extend it. They are turning out better than any scratch only cakes I made for years (and I thought those were good.)
I do not know from experience, but I would cut the yogurt/sour cream in half. That is just a guess, though.
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