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How about a boiled fruit cake... the fruit is boiled not the whole cake... dark and moist, tastes great! Benja googled the signs and printed them on normal paper. Maybe it would be ok as a topper made from RKT along with the Dalek and bow tie? Love the cupcake idea by the way...!!
Hi Jenny..heyyy way to go on your first wedding cake orders!! I did my own wedding cake last year, i'd never done one before. Must have been crazy lol!! Was plain fondant covered 4 tier cake, very similair to your first pic. I seperated the top 2 tiers from the botton 2, Then used silk flowers and ribbon to decorate. I was really pleased with result as I really had no idea what I was doing lol!!As for the mini cakes, Ive never made any so no idea how long they would take,...
Cake boss did a tutorial on castle cakes, heres the link I like the turrets on this one
I also use it in my cream cheese frosting. I like how it keeps the frosting lovely and white, and crusts really well. Great for swirls on cupcakes and carrot/banana cake. Very much the same as Davwattie's recipe.For 24 cupcakes I use 200g cream cheese, 100g trex, 600g icing sugar 1 tsp vanilla. For lemon or orange flavour a add the grated zest of 1 orange or lemon. For chocolate I melt 200g plain chocolate in 200ml single cream, allow to cool then pour into a half quantity...
Would you pls pm me your recipe to, I would love to try it...Thank you
Heres another tutorial, I like these turrets..
Cake boss did a tutorial on a castle cake.
I use trex in my cream cheese frosting as it keeps it really nice and white and doesnt spoil the taste at all!! I use 200g cream cheese 100g trex 600g icing sugar and 1 tsp clear vanilla. It also crusts well. This is my favourite to use on carrot cake. I havent used it in buttercream as I cant find the butter flavouring they have in the US. You must try the chocolate butter cake from the gorgeous!! made it yesterday and filled it with chocolate fudge ...Oh the...
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