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Are you using a high-ratio shortening?  I know that when I've made BC before without the high-ratio I got the ragged edge.  Might make the difference.
Thanks for all your hard work "FromScratchSF".  
Personally, I don't find what the big fuss is about.  I find searching and manoeuvring the site not a problem.  On that note I don't use Internet Explorer, I find it slow and bulky.  I use Chrome, it has full IE support, it is lightweight and fast, not all sites work will with Chrome but they do with Firefox.  Firefox has an IE Compatiblity add-on, so give Firefox or Chrome a try.  Then give this site a true look and see if there is real difference.  Both browsers are...
Having gone through a loss myself, I think butterflies and a simple round would be appropriate. The butterflies signify the loss of the child and are a beautiful symbol. Another idea could be an angel but I myself prefer the butterflies. Just my two cents.
I've had this happen with Wilton before in a Michael's class and at the Michael's store. I would call Wilton with the lot number etc. They usually have no problem refunding it. Don't know where you bought it, but I've actually never had a problem with the store exchanging or refunding for another package. Sometimes something is wrong in their packaging etc. How was it coming out of the package? Dry? Hard? Personally, I would just get another package and not even...
This is no fault of yours. You delivered a good product. If she chose not to refrigerate it, (why I have no idea) and then eat it a week later, sorry but ewwwwww, can you imagine how unsafe that would be eat. This would make me think twice if I was ever invited over for dinner, hopefully this client isn't that close a friend and you won't have to think about that. Ew...yucky
I wasn't sure so I actually looked it up. According to, they say that yes you can freeze sour cream but it changes in consistency so it should be used for cooking only rather than dishes where you would use raw, so for cupcakes it would be perfect.
I agree with lorieleann, a simple business and friends don't mix would suffice. And the simple I don't share my recipes. Simple to the point.
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