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I am recreating a wedding cake for a 50th wedding anniversary.  Now, its bad enough the only images I have for the wedding cake is black and white and blurry.  But the daughter REALLY wants the swan pillars.  She says they don't have them.  So I am searching high and low for them! Any suggestions? I have called our cake store, ebay, amazon, craigslist... not finding just the pillars.   TIA
I have a customer who is really wanting a bundt cake that serves about 2.  I have only seen the normal ones and the minis. both of which she has declined. She says she has had one before but can't remember from where. Has anyone ever seen one that will serve around 2-4?
Good idea!!!!! thank you!
  Mine do too! I just sold them by putting them up on facebook.  Try that first.  You would be surprised! I am very picky on the taste so I don't want to take a chance.
I have the cupcakes in a container.  I am almost thinking I will just sell those and remake? But the giant cupcake has a chocolate shell for the "liner".  And is on a board covered in fondant.  Here is what it looks like....
No.  I don't.  I haven't thought about doing it for such a small order.  For wedding cakes or any order over $100 I do. 
I have a customer who ordered 3 dozen cupcakes and a giant cupcake.  There are no fillings and used buttercream.  They are already made and she told me due to the blizzard we are having, she is postponing until next weekend.  Is it possible to store these and keep them somewhat fresh? Or, do I scrap it.  Do I charge her for the materials? I just don't know what to do on this one! PLEASE HELP!!!
Thank you so much! I figured anything other than butter wouldn't work for SMBC.  The white chocolate ganache sounds AMAZING! I may just have to try that one! Thank you!
  I have heard several people using ss bowls for baking.  My problem was finding one that measured 14" in diameter.  Thanks!
    I was pretty worried and thought why not use a wok.  It actually worked out quite nicely and knowing that it is used to withstand high heat, I was comfortable with it.  I go there all the time for my supplies.  I love it!
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