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It drives me insane when people are looking for a discount! How could anyone expect to pay $250 to serve 250 people? I am sorry this backfired on you! You did try to do them a favor, but they just seem like the type of clients that can't be satisfied! I hope you don't have to deal with this issue again!
I completely understand what you are saying - and I am a lover of working! Don't get me wrong there - it's just I don't care for the job I have now and my mind is always wandering thinking about cakes all day! I have thought about part time and have actually discussed that with my employer, but that defeats the purpose of staying there, because there are no full benefits with a part time position there.I am going to put a business plan together and take a closer look at...
Thank you Jason!! I am looking into Score right now!!
I have been making cakes for 2.5 years - I do have my own shop that is open by appointment - and I do it mainly alone with some help from my boyfriend as needed. We are busy and there have been times when I have had to turn orders away as I can only take on so much.I still work at my "Regular" job Monday - Thursday 9-5 and I work on cakes in the evenings, and Friday - Sunday as needed depending on our orders.It's a lot! There is not much downtime doing this especially...
where do you order the compatible cartridges usually? I am looking into buying a printer and components. I've seen both you suggested and would love to see your recommendations for other items needed.Thank you!
This is terrible. She is taking advantage of you and now is the time to stop her. She is not acting like a friend at all. You are the one making the cake and you dictate the price. No one will do a three tier cake with figures for $125...she is sucking the fun out of what you love and that is not right at all! Stick up for yourself definitely or else she will never stop, she should be the one who is embarrassed - NOT YOU!!! Good Luck!!
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