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I'll make a few changes and repost later this afternoon.
Please let me know what you think! I can also help you if you've had any issues with the program.
Dear Fellow cake Decorators I just finished putting together a cake Matrix on Excel. It took me many months to put together so I am hoping this will help you save some time.Download it on my website it helps!Keep on caking!-Julianne
Use the below address to download the matrix. you download this, please let me know how it worked for you. I'd love some input. -Julianne
i've posted the document online- msg me and I'll send you the link
Hi ,I've just finished my own cake pricing matrix and would love to share it. It works with Excel. It is fully adaptable to your needs. Use the below address to download the matrix. let me know how it worked for you. I'd love some input.-Julianne
I have been making cakes for a while now. I make them from home for friends and family but would love to be able to offer them to the public and get more orders. I've been trying to find information about what the steps are to opening a home bakery (cake shop) - licenses, certificates, etc. I would like to eventually renovate my basement into a working area that meets the necessary requirements though I don't even know if this is an option in my area (Gatineau Qc).Please...
I've had similar problems in the past. Sometimes I don't have the time to completely dry out my pieces. I now use modeling chocolate (a mix of chocolate and corn syrup- very easy to make) for the shape and cover that in fondant. It works like a charm and tastes delicious.
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