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Go to the first page on this thread, the downloadable file is there.  
Hi, I've been working on upgrading my matrix and thought I would share. Feel free to make the changes you need. You can also e-mail me with questions if you have any I use it with excel 2010 let me know if some parts don't work for you.      
I've found a few of my cakes on other websites and so have started " branding" my cake pictures with my business name and website address.This way, if they are used, the source remains on them.
More cakes
I am always curious as to how much people sell their work. I will post some pictures of cakes I've sold and will include how much they were sold for. It would be great if others could do this too. Please include your town and country (Mine: Ontario Canada)Feel free to comment!
I am currently making/selling cakes for friends and family. I am not making much and am looking to start selling to different people. I don't want to get into trouble and am looking to become licensed. It is very confusing here in Qc. I am looking for someone who could guide me in the right direction. Thanks!Julianne
Hi,I just received my towering tiers cake stand (Wilton) and was wondering if anyone has used it for cupcakes and if so, how many regular sized cupcakes fit on the 6 tier stand?Thanks!
Would you mind sharing your Diabetic recipe? I find it difficult to find a good sugar free cake and frosting. Thanks!
You could line the hole with melted chocolate using a spatula, let it set a few minutes and then fill with caramel. Or the Rolo idea is brilliant too.
You sure can! Check the EXTRAS part and adapt it to your needs.
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