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Thank you! you guys were very helpful
Im going to do a 15 cake for my friends niece and its a cake for 300 people now im not professional and i do it out of my house so i usually bake the cake a day or two before and im not sure if i can achieve that with this cake itll be a 14,10,6 plus 6 9"s . so my question is how soon can cakes be baked without jeopardizing the taste?
I did a topsy turvy cake and i had to cover it in fondant now im a newbee when it comes to topsy turvey cakes but no matter what i did the fondant kept tearing. Then when i finally got the fondant i slowly but surly it started ripping. i redid it like 4 times. in the end i just put it on in sections and covered the seams with decoration.for future refrences does anyone have any advice or no what i could have done wrong?Thank you
im making a cake for my niece who loves jojo circus...i want to make a tent but im not sure how to make one...can anyone help me with any tips or trick on how to do it
thank you!!
i need to make a cookie cake and it needs to feed 20-25 people how big would i have to make it to feed that many?
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