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I know this is a really old post, but I was wondering if Sugar_Plum_Fairy ended up using this commercial kitchen, or found another one? I live in Somerset County and am trying any leads I can find.  Thanks!!
Thank you! That was so helpful.  It would make more sense to use 7" or 8" cakes and maybe a cupcake on top.  Also, do you know how to make the bubbles?
Hi All! I have a request to make a cake shaped like an Erlenmeyer flask for a scientist theme.  Something like this:   The cake will be for about 15-18 servings.  How do I go about making this cake?  Do I use three or four 6" layers and carve from there? It's hard to estimate servings with so much carving.   Do I do this in 2 "tiers" so its easier to cut, with a board in between the tiers?   Thanks...
Thanks for your help! Since I'll be decorating, and the cake will be unrefrigerated for hours, I guess I should use a traditional buttercream then.  Does anyone have any other suggestions on good unrefrigerated frostings to use with red velvet?
I'm baking a 3 tiered red velvet cake next week.  Originally I was going to use american buttercream as a filling, now I'm thinking of using the Ermine frosting.  I've used it on red velvet cupcakes before, but not in a cake. A couple questions:   1)  Does it hold up without refrigeration, in terms of texture and food safety?  I've read different opinions.. Considering it was used around WWII, I would think it would be fine on the counter for a day?   2)  Can...
I've been wanting to pin pictures, but I'm still waiting for my pinterest invite. If anyone has any invites, please PM me. Thanks!!
Dayti, thanks for the detailed instructions! It does sound very time consuming though..Ddaigle, how are the results with the petit four icing vs. fondant cutouts?
That's actually the site I saw both tutorials...great site! The melted fondant looks easy, but I wonder if the results are as foolproof every time.I'll just stick to the cutouts I guess. Thanks for your advice! And wish me luck!
I'm going to attempt to make fondant covered cupcakes this weekend. I've read there are two ways to do this: cutting rolled fondant circles and covering each cupcake or melting fondant and dipping the cupcake face-down. Has anyone tried either method, and which one do you think is easier and/or has better results? Thanks for your help!!
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