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must ditto the much melted chocolate do you use?
I prefer to use salted butter in my buttercream. I don't add extra salt, though....what flavor cake is the buttercream being paired with? Maybe adding a coordinating extract will help to cut the saltiness....if not, the above idea from cupadeecakes is what I'd do.
Thank you
Is there a serving chart for 2" tiers? All the charts I have found are for 2 layers of 2" cakes (total of 4") or 3"'s not as simple as just cutting the servings in half for the 4" -- is it? I had a complaint that the customer "thought it would be bigger" even though we discussed servings and demensions. She's the only one who has complained but now I'm second guessing myself and would like to get opinions from yall
This is the PERFECT reply, IMO! When people scoff at my prices, I ask what their budget is and then tell them what that will get them. Some people go with less servings (as your bride did), and some people realize they want the original amount of servings and work it into their budget...others walk which point, other bakers here are right on track that those are not the customers we want anyway.
I've read about this.....Our mixes here (American community in Germany) have not changed. I wonder if we're just getting old I'm sure eventually we'll get the 15 oz boxes too. I did get a complaint that the chocolate WASC was "too dense" from a customer, so I was thinking maybe I had used one of the smaller boxes without realizing it...but nope, all of my boxes are still 18.5 (or .4) as they've always been. That customer was just a huge pain in my backside from...
A crusting buttercream recipe solves this issue
you can also thin out gel color with vodka (or extract of your choice) and paint it on with a brush.
Iif your cake is layered, and you cover it with fondant while it's still cold, when it comes to room temp, you will have "blow outs" and bubbles where the layers meet as cold air trying to escape gets trapped under the fondant. I would imagine you could have this problem even if it's not layers. Best bet is to let it come to room temp.
I just stopped doing the 6" cakes....had my last one last week. It totally is not worth the time and money. They were $25. I didn't even get minimum wage on those....and that last customer was the biggest pain in my butt ever! (smallest cake, biggest demander, go figure!) I guess I can thank her though, because otherwise, I might not have realized how little I actually made on those!!Now, I have a $40 minimum order...for my pricing, that equates to a 16 serving single...
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