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Hi everyone! I need help!I have a client wanting a custom cake. She wants 1/4 sheet cake to look like a full house of cards. 3 aces and 2 kings. Anybody have any idea how to do this?Thanks in advance!
Would you just make some cut out flowers from fondant and/or gumpaste using a cricut cake machine? Or can you make them by hand easily? I just want something simple, but something that doesn't look thrown together.
So bake in the disposable pans they'll be served in? Once cooled do I just Saran wrap and freeze? How long to thaw? And do I frost then freeze?
I am donating 10 sheet cakes for a benefit in a week or so. Nothing fancy. They will be baked and served in the disposable aluminum pans. Is there any way of baking these in advance?
I am donating 10 sheet cakes for a benefit the first week in April. Nothing fancy. They will be baked and served in the disposable aluminum pans. Does anyone have any ideas for the top of the cake? That will be the only part iced. I want to do something "easy" besides just slapping frosting on the top of the cake. Does anyone have any suggestions?Thank you!
During the different days, where do you store? Once cakes are baked and crumbcoated, do you chill or freeze? And once the cake is complete, can it sit at room temp on the counter until delivery or do you chill?
I have a bridal consult/taste testing next Saturday. Can you bake the cakes in advance and store them so they still taste good when the couple tastes them? What about fillings? Can you make them in advance and how do you store them?Last question...I am traveling to their home with the cake and fillings. What should I put the food on for presentation without spending a lot of money?
I am going to be making my first wedding cakes beginning in May. Could anyone help me out with a timeline of when to bake, store the cake until crumbcoated, when to apply fondant, decorate, etc???I will be making a 4 tiered cake, square, covered in fondant, and then cover part of it with fondant flowers cut from my Cricut Cake Machine.
Hello everyone,I have always loved baking and decorating cakes; I am now just beginning to sell my cakes. I do pies and other desserts, too.Anyway, how do you figure your exact cost of your cake? For example, I buy in bulk at Sam's Club. So when I use 1-2 cups of sugar, how do charge for that and the rest of my ingredients? I am probably over analyzing, but any help would be appreciated.Happy Caking!
I have my very first bride/groom consult/tasting this April and am very nervous!!! If anyone has a form they would like to share, I would be greatly appreciative!Happy Caking!
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