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Hi,   I know this is an old thread, but since you said you have done fruit flavored ganache i have a few doubts:   1)Did you use the puree or did you reduce it with sugar? 2)Will the consistency of ganache change? 3)Do you know if i will able able to leave it at room temperature?   I am making a wedding cake for my brother and thought of making a raspberry Ganache. I really appreciate your reply.
Hi there,   I know this is an old thread. But wanted to check if anyone has tried this under fondant?   I made this buttercream once, i found it way too soft for frosting under the fondant. I mean the cake would have to be refrigerated.    My go to buttercream is Swiss meringue, It is just that i get a lot of requests for eggless cakes and i am looking for a buttercream which i can use under fondant and also make variations with the same.   Please let...
Ok... i have never done a wedding cake but i have seen a lot of pictures... i am sure it will not look funny. But it all depends on the design. I would add a good separator between the 14" and 10" so that the design pops out more..
A 6 or an 8 inch is what i would do. But surely there will be leftovers. And also you can reduce the height of the cake to 3" so that you will have less cake.
For sure... You will have to..
Same as FromscratchSf and Lisa Peps..
Chocolate: I add melted and cooled chocolate about 6 oz per recipe.Almond: ExtractMocha: Instant espresso with or without ChocolateHazelnut: Hazelnut Praline pastePeanut butter: I would add smooth peanut butter until i can taste it. Orange: Orange Oil and zest.Lemon: Lemon oil and zestRaspberry: Raspberry preserves /puree Strawberry: Strawberry preserves/pureeIrish cream: LiquorCaramel: Caramel SauceI would love to hear how other make these flavors..
I am not a big fan of mats. I find it is a lot more mess and difficult to roll it out.May be i should try the vinyl once. Thanks Texas Rose
This is a tip from Americas test kitchen. It has helped me in not cracking.Once you take out the cheese cake from the oven run a knife around the edges and do so every half an hour. This really helps from cracking. Of course this helps only if the cracks are occurring after they are baked. If they are occurring while baking then may be you need to tweak the recipe a bit.
Welcome Anna..I too started decorating for the same reason as you. My daughter is now 2 yrs old. I do cakes for friends and Family. I usually get back my cost unless it is my gift to them. I am a home maker and yes i too cannot afford daycare or Baby sitting. I do the decorating part at night after i put her to sleep. It takes a lot of time.I can Bake make fillings and Butter cream when she is up.But one thing is true. It is not so easy to do all these with kids. I too...
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