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Do you bake it or let it set overnight?
I have just made the half soccer ball cake using the Wilton cake tin (with the indentations).If i cover with buttercream i won't see the indentations for the hexagons and pentagons.... I don't know what to do???Is it easier to cover in fondant or piped stars????????????
Where can I find a watering can cake tutorial??
Thanks everyone!!!
Thank you for all the links.. are there any on making a zebra ???
Does anyone have a link to a tutorial on how to make some zoo animals i.e monkeys, giraffes, elephant , Zebras out of fondant Danielle
The Makins green clay extruder is meant to be quite good( T bar shaped)
Is there a car cake tutorial here......
I need a simple tutorial on how to make a car cake for my son's 3rd birthday......Any advice would be appreciated!!!!
How do I make a handle for a handbag cake??...... I want it to be upright!!!Any other ideas for a suitable cake for a 10 year old girl would be appreciated..
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