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im looking for a good buttercream and sponge cake recipe, i havent fuund any that i like, so does anyone have any recipes you could share?
has anyone ever used ahcakedesign to order any of their products, im thinking about it but just wanted to get a littlebit of feedback.
well im making my first two tiered cake and i was wondering after u insert the dowels into the first layer, do u put like a cardboard divider in between the te cakes or do just put the top tier on top of the bottom cake?
has anyone ever tried have youguys ever ordered stuff from there? im thinking about it but i would like to know if its trustworthy.
thank all of u so much this websites are just what i was looking for.
i meant to say buy, lol
im having a hard time finding a place online where i can but, for example cake molds, and decorating stuff, where do u guys buy your supplies?
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