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I would definitely push that frosting through a strainer. That's way too much money to throw down the drain.
I make my numbers with a lollipop stick or toothpicks sticking out of the bottom and I would put the number in the cake before the loops. I would make the length of the strips around 6 inches long.   HTH :)
Your website is beautiful to look at and quite informative. I wouldn't change a thing.
Is there any way you can remodel your kitchen at home to add more space, another oven, etc?
Jason, that is some awesome advice. 
Can you send it to me too, please?
I would charge $10 per mini cake (so $680) and $3.50 per serving for the top cake ($63). Total =$743 + delivery, setup and stand rental.
To me it looks like there are center supports that take up room. I counted the perimeter only.
It appears there are 68 of the smaller cakes.
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