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Thanks. I'm going try about half what I used. Just frustrated that I possibly wasted a bunch of product
How much tylose do you guys normally add to fondant for figures? I typically use Wilton to make figures and added 2 tsp per pound. My fondant is stiff and I can't get out the cracks. Ugh. For my safari zoo cake, I think I only added 1 tsp. I am thinking tonight I will redo with only 1 tsp. 
Thank you.    My plan so far is to put wire into the elephants trunk and extend into the body of the elephant. For the balloon I will use a styrofoam ball covered in fondant and attach a 20 gauge wire to it. Once the elephant hardens I will slide the wire around the trunk (I will probably guess at the circumference and wrap it around a small pencil to get a nice circle and then place on trunk). To support the elephant on top of the cake I will probably take a skewer...
Ok. Thanks. I'm going to try and have the balloon attached to the trunk. More work than I thought. Thanks for your help.
Did you add any special support in the elephant trunk to hold the weight of the balloon? Any tips of what gauge of wire to use as the balloon string? Thanks again.
How did the elephant turn out? I need to make one for a friend next week. Thanks. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 
Flawless. Lol. It's not. But thank you. Cover it in two shots. Mark where you will have the goggle strap go and then roll out enough to only covered to there. Then you are basically just wrapping the cake from that line to the bottom (or just below where the overalls start). You will have a line/seam down the back but it's the back and partly covered by the overalls. Thanks again.
Hello,  Did you ever figure this out? I am just a baker for the fun of it and I have been trying to figure it out. I thought that once the elephant was made (fondant and tylose) that it would be hard and I could just wrap the wire around the trunk. It would be a styrofoam ball covered in fondant or candy melts. To get the elephant from toppling over, the elephant would probably be secured deep into the cake?
Hello,    I was curious about the tutorials and uploading one of my own. I want to make one of a recent cake I did but not sure what I need to upload one to this site?   Thanks. 
Is all your ganache like peanut butter consistency at room temp? I was told to let come to room temp before covering in fondant and if that's the case won't it get soft again?
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