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Hello,    I was curious about the tutorials and uploading one of my own. I want to make one of a recent cake I did but not sure what I need to upload one to this site?   Thanks. 
Is all your ganache like peanut butter consistency at room temp? I was told to let come to room temp before covering in fondant and if that's the case won't it get soft again?
Thank you.
So I finished my Minion cake. My son was super happy. I am very happy that I did the Minion standing. It was my first try at a cake like this, so it was great practice.   
It never hardened when at room temp but after I put it in the fridge, it hardened and needed to be microwaved a bit before using. I think I really need to pick a brand of chocolate and stick with that brand. That way to know the correct ratio for a filling and covering without the stress. Chocolate is just so darn expensive in my area. I need to do some more research to find a decent chocolate with a decent price. 
Wonder what my issue is. I added another 200g of chips and am trying to speed the process with bursts in the fridge. I love using ganache under fondant. But I think ganache hates me.
What ratio do you use for under fondant. Currently I used 2.5:1 (1000g:400ml) and it's like peanut butter. Typically it's sets harder. Should I add more chipits or in a thin layer will it set harder? Thanks so much.
I have started using ganache under fondant as I live the final outcome. I ran out of my regular chocolate and didn't have time to make the trip for it again do I used Chipits. I know, some of you will cringe. But it's all I had available from peanut free facility. I used 1kg and 400ml of whipping cream. This is a 2.5:1 ratio I thought. It has set for well over 12 hours bat room temp and is still so soft. Any suggestions? I was sure this ratio would set hard. Please help.
Thanks for the info. I will contact my Health Department and see what they have to say. I would love to work in an actual bakery, better yet, own my own cake decorating studio but with little kids that will be far in the future so for now I would just like to do cakes for family and friends. 
Hello,    Did you make the standing minion cake? If so, can you offer any advice? TIA
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