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Hello,    Did you make the standing minion cake? If so, can you offer any advice? TIA
Hello,    Has anyone progressed with their bakery?
I am making modelling chocolate covered cookies. How would I store these and how long? My party that I am making them for is next Saturday Oct.20.thanks.
What type of medium should I use? Fondant, gum paste, 50/50, clay? I keep getting cracks in my dough when there shouldn't be any. Any tips?
HelloI am from Waterloo Ontario. I really want to start a cake decorating business. I have read into some of the guidelines and it does seem that it is region specific. Has anyone had any luck opening a home based business? My passion would be to do cakes part time and spend the rest with my son.
Did you find out anything? I myself am from Waterloo.
I think your idea sounds good. I wouldn't roll a cake over modelling chocolate even with a small cake. I have wrapped up to a 10inch cake just fine.
If the tear is small rub so e veg shortening on the tear and it usually mends itself back together. Worst case scenario, put a decoration on top,
I wish I was baking now.
are you going to pour it or spread it?to pour it. i have never done it before, but i have read that you should take some gananche that is spreadable to fill in any holes or indent. then put your cake on a wire rack on top of a cookie sheet and start pouring from the centre. i think that there are some good youtube spread it, just wait until it cools and thickens, then spread it like any other frosting. ganache is yummy!
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