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thank u pearlI am using this website to build up my biz planits great and easy www.liveplan.comam doing the calculations now , thanks very much
waaaw thanks pearl for ur valuable info
Hi all ,I am wondering if its enough to rent 1000 sq ft storefront, it will be devided as commercial kitchen and the retial space, will this be enough ? or I have to look for extra space ?Also I am wondering if its better to have the storefront in a crowded mall in the city with higher rent than traffic street thanks all in advance
I am happy with the ganache , its easy to make and under fondant its awsome, u will find some vedios in youtube about how to apply it I used to use BC , but now am ganach girl
good luck ,
First coat the pan with crisco then with corn flour
WAaaw nice
2 inch difference
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