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how many people does 7" square pan feed ??
Hello I tried to buy from your web site the cake central magazines as download versions but the problems your website has a problem accepting the credit card I am not in US , I am n Asia , I want to buy it as download version but it still ask me for shippment address please , I need your support regard this thanks
did you make them and freeze them??
when I doubled the liners for each cupcake it becomes very cleanthat what I do ,
jose can you share your recipe with us
aha >> thanks alot
they look amazing ,,But how can I do it by my nice hands Is there any techique ??
thanks for sharing
Hello every body ,I ate a marble cake , with a very light very fluffy very yummy butter cream it doesnt taste sweety or buttery , and it was spreadable over a square cake in a high professional way , it was caovered all the cake with the same thickness very accurate spreading from all angles , did they use special tool than spatiola to make the BC spread that way ??please helpthanks
I always bake my cupcakes ahead of time and put them in the freezer..when there is an order ,, get them out thawd and done ,once I freezed cupcakes with fondant on the top , what happened is that the fondant get sticky when it come out I tried to store MMF colored out side in container ,, after 2 days it get wired smell so I make the cake in advanced , and th MMF I left it for the day before serving Question: keeping the cake out for more tham one day doesnt effect the...
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