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Bake then cover it with a warper put it in the freezer until decoration time
Please if anyone can help me in how to make the rose cake thannnnks
Waaaw how did they make it
I use fondant for flowers , one day out and they are very nice edible and firm
For me I keep cakes usually 3 weeks in the freezer and it's taste as it baked today I don't know if it can be kept more than that
Another tip u can refrigerate mmf but not freeze it , When I freezes mine it gets sticky when it's thwad While when I refrigerate it it get get normal
Excellent adhesive from my experience Corn syrup just add a little bit under ur piece and it will stick Nice baking all
there is no re velvet box where I live youls you please tell me what is the replacement
thanks very much dear , Helpful info
really 24 persons?the pan is too small ,, maybe it will be enough for 24 if made 2 layers from the pan
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