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Alley is this website helpful ?
The link is working thanks every body
Corn syrup v good glue
Tavola shop in Jumaira area
Don't , for me I freeze the extra batter in the freezer for month or 3weeks
Jena it's here in this web recipes section , it's a great recipe really
Indybi buttercream is great
What is circuit machine?
When u are excited to start biz and imagining all people will ask u to make cakes for them I Feel frustrated since I have no more orders for the last 3weeks , ppl where I live asking for wiered things like we will take some cupcakes for free to see if ur work is good , and I did sppread my cc over my social network , they like it. Ok ow it's yummy but no one asked for orders I hoope all bakers in cake central to have a good time , and a big huuuuge cake orders Take care alll
It's A cake that covered in roses I think in butter cream in raws it comes like flower lines along all the cake Dear the link above didn't work
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