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Ok! Thanks so much! I never even thought of using scissors, but that will probably work!
Hi,I was just wondering how you would all go about cutting out the fondant swirls showing on this cake:[/url][url]I don't know exactly what to use to cut them out. A pizza cutter seems too big for all the little details, and an exacto knife always leaves rigid edges when I cut round corners. Please help me.*I just want to be clear that this is not my cake, and I'm sorry I cannot give credit to the original...
When I made deer antlers for a hunting cake, I made the antlers using a copper structure, and then put rkt on top of that to model them more. Then I covered in white modeling chocolate.
half butter and half shortening!
I think I was probably 13 when I started getting really interested in baking. I became obsessed with the food network challenges, and cake boss, and all the baking shows. Then around 14 years old I started decorating cakes. I am 16 now and am still obsessed. I make probably 5 or 6 cakes a month sometimes. I really love to do it, and hope to one day have my own bakery!
Hi,I agree with saying that Global Sugar Art is a good resource, but I actually order my fondant from The Bakers Kitchen online, it's a little cheaper than global sugar art, and it ships quick!
Oh, I just ordered the americolor neon food coloring, I will try and see if that works, for the splatter effect. Thank you so much.
Hi, I got an order this week to make cupcakes that have neon paint splatters on them. I have actually seen cupcakes made by the retro bakery that had paint splatters on them. I have been looking for tutorials on how to do this effect. Should I use thinned buttercream, or royal icing? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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