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You are soooooo very bad...I now look at ovens in a totally different way.
Got divorced...she took my oven, but I still have my Kitchen Aid! Angry angry woman...had to replace a good scraper too. Went to pick up my cake stuff and my little girl said " probably want to throw that away." Least thats the only thing she did in...I hope!
Cake shrinking? Once you take it out of the oven to cool, drape a hand towel over it for the first 10 minutes or so, helps with shrinking. If it's shrinking a LOT while you cook, (and a bit is normal and to be expected) then your temp is off. Shrinkage....cracks me up.
With a name like PoleKitten, I love you too!
Smile at you cover their face with a pastry bag at 2 in the morning and choke em into cake oblivion.
Male, decorate cakes...still making and decorating, just havent posted any in forever. Love decorating, pastry bags and women.
If you need a nice idea for Christmas treats, take a look at the mice I did last year...super cute. Very very easy to make. Feel free to call them your own! A photo is under My Photos, picture 5 I think. Pretty easy to see how they are made but I can post the recipe if needed, though there is not too much to it at all.Dale
"It's just like ballet.. some people think it's only for the ladies and the "not so manley" guys" me narrow minded...but the tights and tutu are a bit too far for me...I'm not that secure in my manhood. You'd never catch me in tights....cause I'd like the wind...leaping and jumping, spinning thru the air...oh crap...I just said that out loud didnt I? Where's the damn edit button?
I fart and think it's funny...therefore I am MAN.You can be a Manly Man and make cakes as long as you dont bake wearing the newest Victorias Secret lingerie...or any lingerie for that matter. Thats not very manly...downright gay as a matter of fact. It is permissible to have a lady friend standing beside you in lingerie though....chances are the cake wont get made though.
It'll hold up the same...dunno what chocnilla taste like though.
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