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How do you attatch the ribbon on the cake? Does it get greasy?
I use mostly butter in my buttercream but sometimes fight air bubbles which prevents me from having a smooth cake. How do I prevent this? What am I doing to cause this? What makes a buttercream a crust?
How do I charge for mini cupcakes? I charge $2.00 for regular size.Thanks,Molly
I bought a plastic CK book pan. It didn't have any instructions. I baked the cake in the pan on a cookie sheet-the lady at store did tell me that- but the cake stuck. I used pan grease. Does anybody have any experience or tips?Thanks,Molly
What do you use to apply melted chocolate to the molded RKT?Thanks,Molly
How would go I about making my flour frosting recipe chocolate? How much do I add, at what time do I add and do I use powder or melted chocolate? Sorry about ASAP but just received the order last night wanting it tomorrow!Thanks,Molly
I find that it is slightly dense and moist. Not cumbly. I make my own pan grease and never have a problem with sticking.
I use the Hershey's chocolate cake recipe. Really ggod.
How does one go about cutting and serving the giant cupcake? Especially if it has a chocolate shell.Thanks
Try putting the shell in the freezer a few minutes before you take it out of the mold. this really helps when I unmold chocolate! I know you will win your bet
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