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The MOB asked for flowers on this cake
A Mother-of-Bride just called.  Top tier was destroyed before freezing.  Ordered replacement top tier to be frozen until anniversary.  Original cake had fresh daisies (we didn't do wedding cake as it was out of state) so we're patterning replacement tier after that.  What should we make the daisies from?  Won't gumpaste and RI both soften when thawed?     TIA!
What are you filling with?  If your filling will freeze well, I'd fill now, freeze until early Saturday morning, ice and deliver!
Definitely deliver them finished!  
Bake the cakes now!  Torte, fill, and wrap in several layers of saran.  Thaw on the counter (still wrapped) and decorate on Friday.  As long as there's no perishable filling, I'd leave it in a box on the counter Friday night and until the party on Saturday!
Are you in the US?  Any grocery store with a bakery will print edible images for you for a fee.  Just take in a hard copy of what you want in the size you want it!  HTH!
We made 30 mini cakes for a bridal shower - Ugh!  Just cutting the custom cake boards for each took several hours!  Not to mention those darn things scoot all over the turntable because they're so light!  We added a "PITA" fee to the quote and the client paid it but I'm still not sure I'd do it again!  The worst part, HUGE freak snow storm the day of the shower postponed it a week.  The client was able to get to us to pick them up but not to the shower the next day.  I...
We've had the software for awhile but got so frustrated with the limitations that we now create from scratch using Inkscape.  Sorry!  I'd be interested to see if anyone knows how to get around the myriad of limitations on Design Pro!
We make the ganache on Day 1.  Set up in fridge.  Bring to room temp to work with.  Crumb coat, let firm up on cake, cover with fondant within an hour!
We always use a ganache crumb coat under fondant as opposed to BC.  No sliding and gives a crisp edge.   We like Elite fondant.
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