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HaHa, that's confirmation you made it look real! Awesome! Thanks
Hi Everyone,  I want to make a cake for a friend. He is into hockey and airplanes. I am making an ice hockey rink with a plane coming up through the ice. I need ideas on how to make "broken/shattered ice" to place around the base of the plane to make it look like broken pieces. Can anyone please help me figure out what is the best way to do this?   Thanks Cindy
Can someone please explain how to rotate a pic once it's uploaded? The original is not sideways but when I upload it thats how it shows up. There is no option to rotate...argh!! Pls help!!  
Thanks Guys
I noticed a lot of cakes with a lot of BLING. I love it!! Is it edible and does anyone know where I can order some?Thanks
Use fondant or gumpaste instead? I think that would be much easier.
How about boobs? LOL. Tool box? Car? Find out what his interests are. I'd share my boob cake but I'm not allowed on here
Hi there, I'm looking for a good site to make a crossword puzzle inserting my own words to print on an edible image for a cake. I'm not having any luck. Has anyone found one they like?
Thanks for the tip!!
My son has Crazy Hair Day coming up at school and since his hair is short, I was thinking of coloring it with Wilton Food Coloring Spray. Do you think it's safe? Will it stain his hair? His hair is brown and I was thinking of using orange since it is his favorite color.TIA,Cindy
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