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Thank you all for your input.  Your thoughts and advice have helped me confirm that true friends want to support you and help you succeed, and the others are there just to take advantage of you.   The friends I may lose because of cakes were never true friends to begin with, so losing them will actually be a relief.   Fortunately I do have wonderful friends who do insist on paying the full price, I just need to weed out those who are looking for a free ride. :)
Sound advice!  Thank you! :)
Then you have true friends who really do respect you!  Fantastic :)
Sound advise!  Thank you :)
Then you are blessed indeed to have such true friends.  Congratulations! xxx
Do other bakers have the same problem with friends ordering cakes, that I do?  It seems to me that when any of my friends need a cake, I suddenly become their best buddy ever.  I realized long ago that if I did all my friends who asked, a favour by giving them a free cake, I would go out of business in no time.  So I made it clear that my policy is to give all my friends and relatives a 20% discount on the first cake they order from me, and from then on they pay market...
Just looked at your Culpitt link to see what those hardboards were, and I feel mighty foolish as I have dozens of them in my stockroom right now!  *Blush*  Guess I just never paid attention to what they were called before :))
Hi Suzanne!   I order most of my supplies from the UK, as Finland really doesn't have much on offer.  I do have solid plastic dowels, but have never heard of cake hardboards.  Are these the same as cake drums?   The way I centrally dowel cakes is to drill the holes in all the cards/drums before I put the cakes on them, then I thread the cakes on the central dowel from the top once the dowel is firmly screwed into the base.  This is a very narrow, tall cake which...
Hi!   I have a 5-tiered wedding cake for the end of July.  It will be chocolate mud with chocolate ganache and buttercream fillings.  I'm quite confident doweling cakes and putting in a central dowel for support, but my concern is whether the support dowels in the bottom tiers will hold up with all the weight on top. The base tier is only 12" as they want a tall, narrow cake.  My estimate is that the cake will be 30-36" tall without the floral topper.  The design has...
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