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I got asked to make a cake similar to the photo. They want the dinosaur made out of rice krispie...I was thinking of covering him in modeling chocolate and then having the rocks be the cake. They are asking for about 35 servings. Would you charge for servings for the rice krispies or just the cake? From the looks of it that dino is over 2 feet long. I still havent figured out a good way to price cakes but from what I've heard I should go with 1/3 price of supplies, 1/3...
I was just curious to how much you charge per serving on the cakes your selling and your location?   I'm slightly new to selling cakes (I've only sold a few and still don't have a set price) I've been charging about $2.75/serving for fondant and $2.00/serving for buttercream. But I'm not profiting a whole lot after buying ingredients and whatnot. So I'm just wondering what others are charging? Thanks! :)
I am making a turkey cake, sort of similar to this cake    I was just trying to decide how to get those "feathers" in the back to stand up? I first thought it was fondant on a stick and then stuck into the cake...but I think with all those and that much would make the back of the cake collapse with so many sticks in it..Anyone have any ideas what I could do? I am still kinda new to this :) Thanks!
I got a request for a volcano cake that will actually rupture, I dont know how to do it without ruining the cake? I've seen cakes on here with volcano's smoking with dry ice, but is there any way to make it explode with frosting or chocolate? Lol or does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks!!
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