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    Class always shows, and Apti has class in spades.
This is what you are looking for:
 Because I don't depend on cake for a living, I usually wind up telling them what they want.  Once they tell me their budget, I give them a few options and price points and go from there.  The bassinette grandma said her budget was $60, for 20 servings, we settled on $75 (just over $3.50 per) in the end and she sent someone to pick it up because she didn't want to pay $25 for delivery.  It probably cost her more in gas than the delivery would have been. 
If we don't have coconut oil, can we use something else in its place?  What happens if you just leave it out?
 I don't know, but I LOVE your second rosette cake. 
What recipe are you using?
  Never thought about the way it would smell.  I like the idea of olive leaves though.
 They could also be rosemary for its significance as a reminder of the wedding vows going forward.  
Your cupcakes are adorable!
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