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I am having the same problem RIGHT NOW, on got online to see if anyone else is having this problem. It's definitely coming from the viva towels, there little dark's making me crazy. I've never had this problem before. Im taking this icing off and redo it, going to try and smooth it with copy paper.
I think you meant "thanks ladies and gentleman" ;-)
I color my modeling chocolate with regular food coloring after it's made and never have any never seizes up .( I have candy color too but not a huge variety.) I don't refrigerate it either, I've never seen a recipe that says to do I didn't
I put vegetable oil in a bowl and run the ribbon through it and then wipe it off...then I have no worries about the spots from buttercream! Hope that helps!
If you go to Disney Family they show you how to make Toy Story Green Alien Cupcakes. This is not the first time I have seen things like this. So why don't they say..."we'll show you how to make theses cakes for your party ...however, don't post a picture or we will sue you for infringment!" they KNOW parents are going to take pictures.
I always use store bought RKT, room temp. the ones individually wrapped then I just press them together. I believe I did used 2 cut pieces of lollipop sticks in the the fingers but no frame. Yes, it was life size. I didn't really get much detail in the RKT, as much as possible but it's hard to do. I make the modeling chocolate and I just used one batch. I got the recipe from here... make alot...
I did a Father's Day cake with the the rock n roll hand sign for my boyfriend, I am having trouble attaching it, it's in my photos.. I made it out of rice krispie treats and modeling chocolate. when it was time to put in in the cake I put a lollipop stick in it and then put it on the cake. Good a photo so we can see how it turns out!
LOL! I knew their would be someone that just couldn't help telling their story.
It's so much easier telling someone to suck it up and do it when you are not the one sick. (I KNOW, I don't need to hear all the..."one time I had temp of 105 and still made a 5 tier wedding cake" ) If you honestly don't think you can do it then you need to search for another cake decorator in your area to fill the order. I hope you feel better and I hope it all works out!
I agree costumeczar, I have been going crazy trying to figure out what I'm going to charge when I start selling, the party serving/wedding serving sizes just didn't seem right. I just said... forget it, I'm going to figure out the cost per cake and charge that way. I will tell people what the cake will serve in a range between wiltons and earlenes cake chart, for 8 inch round will serve between 15-24 people (depending on how large you cut the servings.)
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