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@leah......where can u get these hear stable buttercreams, never heared of these!
Guess what, I have found a fool proof and cheap way of getting rid of ants and it is also kids friendly, I found this out at HGTV one day bout a year ago and it works.Get a bottle of any brand ORANGE cleaner solution, ants hate it, kills instantly and no danger to kids who are still in the crawling around the room and lick thier fingers stage but I don't have toddlers to worry about and I tell all new moms about this remedy for ants, any size adn any kind!
Hey Molly2, try, I think they carry anything and everything anyone could want.Good Luck!
I am with u Jentreu, I try to learn something from everyshow I watch and usually do; in my are learning is approx 35 miles away and not convienient so I tape the shows for future reference but I am interested in kn owing how to use Itunes to download the shows as it seems they are being watched by some b4 it airs on tv!Also ladies, that guy Vinny is getting his own show airing sometime in June (I think) so I do like him and plan on watching his show.Have cake will...
Ok Sweetlayer don't get hung up on those TV shows, I used to watched them religiously but then I finally saw that they bring baked cakes and forms to use and this started me thinking, they already know and have planned just what they are going to do and still don't get the job done in the 9 hres alloted time, LOL. is absolutely impossible for anyone or four ppl to make a cake like they do in these shows in 9 hrs! that is usually the Ultimate cake or Challange that...
I have never heard of hi-ratio flour but it sounds interesting, where can it be purchased? I live in Ohio and will most definately look for it.
You can also place fondant over a steaming pot of water; this obviously will not work for a cake layer but I am also thinking using one of those steamers from the local Bed Bath and Beyond or Walmart will work, the steam is what your after.
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