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Love it! Looks like the perfect paradise to me. 
Ems - I am glad you made the pie.  If this gentleman were my grandfather, I would hope that somebody would do something like that for him. Good karma and all
"Fight Like A Girl!"
Always surprised at the timeliness of some of the CC posts! I am doing a Twilight cake in a couple of weeks and using the chessboard from Breaking Dawn as the top. The birthday girl has requested no fondant so I bought a black sugar sheet and a 2" square punch and am going to give that a shot. Will post pics if it works out!
Had not thought about adding the color to the cream first, great tip! Thanks!
Can you add colors to ganache without causing it sieze? I need to make a black frosting and thought of making a dark chocolate ganache and adding a touch of black gel color. Thanks
Good for you! It really is the love that goes into the cake that matters the most!
I just got 6 different flavors of the Lorann's Baking Emulsions for $2.50 a bottle at our Ross yesterday. Definitely worth a stroll down their food/baking isles!
Message to my BF last Friday -"I only got you one THONG for your birthday, hope that you aren't disappointed..." response - "Couldn't be happier"one thing, one thong... what's the difference
Well, the cake turned out "totally awesome" according to the bride! I think I love her Am happy that I could be a small part of making that day so special for her. She has called and emailed to let me know just how much she and her new DH loved it. What a great feeling! No wonder I am hooked on this "hobby"!
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