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I have tried to decorated with SMBC, but have not been successful. Then consistency is too soft and will not hold it's shape. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I make SMBC frequently; however, I would like to know what can be done to make it have a stiffer consistency? I have trouble using it to decorate with.
I use FMM Funky Alphabet Set to make the curvy font. I got mine at International Sugar Art, located in Norcross, GA. They have a website, which you can order from. Chef Christopher Lodge is the owner.
I love The Mat; however, I tried a new fondant recipe, which was softer than usual, and it stuck in places, needless to say there were holes all over the cake. I removed it and kneaded a small amount of powdered sugar into the fondant, then it released like a dream. Lesson learned and it hasn't happened again.
I live in the USA and am not familiar with Banoffee, may I ask what the flavor is?
Thank you very much for all of the suggestions; hopefully, I can learn to use the tips.
I have also used the recipe for CC. It is a rather dense cake and I found that using lemon cake mix, pudding and the key lime juice made a very tart cake. I prefer to use yellow cake mix and vanilla pudding with the key lime juice.
The roller works good, but Make sure that you use a high density roller. I have also used the roller along with viva.
I have the Wilton tips and have tried to use them to frost cupcakes, but I can't create the nice mound or twirled rope look. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
The cupcake I sell the most of is a strawberry, made from yellow cake mix, jello, and fresh frozen strawberries, filled with key lime pudding, frosted with strawberry frosting that you see with the cake recipe.Another popular one is red velvet with cream cheese frosting that is piped in varied colors of hydrangeas.All of my cupcakes are made from cake mix, which I make with buttermilk in place of the water, and some additional oil, especially in the red velvet.
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