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When I have had large orders of cupcakes, after they cool, I put them in a plastic container with  cling wrap or waxed paper between the layers. Finally, I lay several slices of loaf bread on top and put the lid on the container, wrap it in cling wrap,  and then put them in the freezer.  When I am ready to frost, I remove them from the freezer, but leave them covered with the bread in the container and only take out a few at the time to frost.  If the bread appears to...
Is there a cost involved with using the computer and cricket together?
Global Sugar Arts also has boxes and cake boards, which can be purchased in smaller quantities.
Thank you for the suggestions!
If there is already a thread about this topic, I couldn't find it and I need help...I have made a cake covered in Royal Icing Flowers and need to know if it will cause them to break apart if I put the cake in the refrigerator. The cake is frosted with Cup A Dee Cake Butter Cream, which at room temperature is very soft and fluffy, but I need the frosting firm in order to transport it.
I have done layered letters with my Cricut Cake. The trick is to roll your gum paste very thin directly onto the cutting mat, which has been greased, and then put it in the freezer before you try to cut them. I too have the tappits Funky Font and have trouble getting them to release from the cutter without tearing. Does anyone have a suggestion?
I am also planning to buy an airbrush, but am unsure of exactly what I need to look for when shopping. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated?
I live in the humid Southern USA, which presents a huge challenge when using cream cheese frosting. I add powdered sugar until I get the consistency I need, instead of only adding what the recipe calls for.
Cupcakeliner, I get my liners from Global Sugar Art[/url]
When my cupcakes are a little short for the inserts, I trim off some of the edges of the inserts before bending them to put in the box.
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