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This is a cute cake! What size are the layers? when you downloaded it to your phone it went to the iPad as well, but work done on either device doesn't transfer to the other. I would like to thank you all for all of the advice.
I found it on my iPhone, but not my iPad. Is there not an app fir the iPad?
I put cakeulator into the search bar on the App Store and it came back no results found. Any suggestions?
Earlene's Butter Cream recipe has cream cheese and high ratio shortening, it works well; however, I use cream cheese and butter and add extra powdered sugar to get the consistancy needed for the roses to hold their shape.
Thank you for the clarification, I can't wait to try it!
Do you add the cream cheese before or after the butter and before or after it comes back together?
Thank you for the suggestions.
I just got the KA attachment; however, when I put gum paste or 50/50 though the material isn't smooth. It seems to stick, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
This same thing happened to me...I gave the customer a full refund for 5 dozen cupcakes! Lesson learned the hard way; however the customer was satisfied with the solution and didn't post negative comments on my Social Media site.  I now do as others said...cupcakes are baked the day before they are picked up.   
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