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Thanks everyone esp. Gefion!!! Still this man has not paid me, its Wednesday here, I think he wants to collect the cupcakes on Friday, he has not even given me a firm date/time of collection!
Thanks everyone! I am on time constraints now with this customer, because he cant make up his mind on design....arghhhh..
Whew...need a vent here!!!Its only been a short time that I have started doing cakes for "strangers". But it seems to be a common occurance that people leave things to the last minute! Dont book in properly, dont give me clear instructions, dont pay their deposit and then want their cakes done!!! Am I alone here???, or I am just having a bad patch. I have tried to be firm and tell them I require 50% deposit prior to booking, but seem to be getting last minute stragglers.
HiI am doing my first gluten free cupcake order, for a whole cake I would use Planet Cakes orange almond cake, however i have heard that the cakes pull away.Does anyone have a recipe they could please share with me along same lines?my email address is you.
Gumpaste only!!! And jiggle them side to side!
Mud only here in Australia:
I've improved so much over the past 6 months and although I made the madhatter at Handis course, I still love it.Thanks to so many CC ers for encouragement and support
Sugar Cheryl is right.. I've tried many times without success.. I would recommend gum paste and making them days in advance. If you don't have time, just do a flat handle. I'll try to post a link of my last one that failed on me! Good pics when done
Good question,,, what happens when you need to do 3 or so cakes for the weekend?
Hi cake mummy.... I buy wholesale and it works out .60 cents a kilo dearer. But well worth it IMO.
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