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ok I tried the sm. off set spatula and ended up with a mess! I am trying to practice for a wedding cake that I have to do on the 29th, is there a certain tech. that I need to be doing with this?
that's kinda what I was thinking, Thanks for your reply
  How do I get this look?
I usually use the Wilton Ready Made Fondant on my cakes because I don't get a lot of orders for cakes covered in fondant, so I mostly just use it for accents. I need to make dragon scales but my clients son has food allergies to dairy and eggs. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what kind of fondant I could use and that would be easiest to make?
Thank you all very much, it was all very helpful!
I know how to make the flowers but I think I once read that you need to make a dome to attatch the flowers to so that they are raised is this true and what do I use . I want to get the look of the attatched cake. Thank you
Bturpin, Thank you very much I under stand the directions perfectly I am deff. going to try this way! Thanks again
My cousin has asked me to do a cake for her daughters birthday the cake is 3 layers. The top of each layer is covered about a 1/4 of the way down with fondant then the edge is scallaped. How would I do this cap with the fondant edge should I cut the scalap first or after it is on the cake?Should I just cover the whole cake in fondant as if I am leaving it then cut the bottom off?
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