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It's a first one for me! Does the cake have to be frozen? After sculpting it do I wait for it to come to room temp before adding the buttercream?
I am bummed! for the second time a cake of mine slided, I mean the top layer slided when the cake was cut. I donĀ“t get it , I put a damn on it, I iced it well, so how can I prevent this?
Thank You both! It was really helpful!
I want to make an open box heart cake with flowers in the middle but I don't know how to secure the top part of the box so that it won't fall or crush the gumpaste roases. Any ideas?
Is there a recipe to make a good frosting, that's good for piping without butter or shortening? I have looked on the internet for recipes but I can't find any.
Yep you can, you can and some syrup to it so it will keep being moist!
Me too, I either dissolve a bit of gum paste or fondant in a bit of water and with a small paint brush I apply it to the decoration I want to "glue" it works wonderfully!
Thank you all for your answers, actually I used a dam but I definitely went overboard with the filling it was as thick as half a layer, next time I won't go over 1/4, or over my dam. It was really a looot of mousse in the middle but I definitely learned my lesson. Thanks again!
I made a 2 tiered cake filled with chocolate mousse, as I was finishing decorating it... I saw that some filling was coming out of it. When we got to cutting the cake the top tier just slided of! Could it be that I used to much filling? I just feel so bad about it.
Thank you both! This charts are amazing!
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