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Yes I also have seen them at Walmart and JoAnns.. I bought the last two packs at JoAnns and the cashier told me they are going fast Hope you find some!!
Oh your cake is so cute!! Congrats!!
Oh wow thats bad!!! I cant believe the lady let her leave with that. If I did a cake that fell apart I would stay up into the wee hours of the night making a new one... Some people...
When I need a number or figure to stand up depending on the thickness I stick a toothpick or one of those white sucker sticks in them. I put the stick or toothpick into the figure while it drys then if it needs to keep a shape on all sides I put in into a styrofoam cup or lay it on a foam pad depending on what it is. Good Luck!
I use the CK products has a shortening and I love it! I buy it from a local cake store here so I dont have to pay shipping so maybe you can see if you could do the same.
Oh I just saw black wilton candy melts at Joanns this week! I thought I would look at Michaels bc they would be cheaper but good to know now they dont have them. I better stock up on them bc I figured they just had them out for halloween.. They also had a lime green color too!
Mikel I use the CK shortening with Sugarshack's recipe and it works great. There is actually a cake store called Kake Kompani in Hiram that I get it from. She has it for $8.99 3lb tub. I live in Marietta so thats not too far from me, but the lady who owns it orders all my stuff for me so I don't have to pay shipping from CK. She will get you anything you need just email her
yeah it is really a cute cake to do, if we can figure it out LOL I wonder if you could make a bunch of half ball pans, since those are bigger, and put them all together? I was thinking about doing that then maybe only doing three pumpkins instead. Or maybe three large pumpkins then the small ball pan for the fourth pumpkin idk just throwing things out. Good Luck and I hope it works out for you!!
I found this recipe on CC, made it one time and I really liked it. The only problem was the frosting listed melted once I put it on the cake. The lady that I practice this recipe for said it was bc of the soy margarine.Milk-free, Egg-free Cake & FrostingIngredients•Milk-free, Egg-free Cake Recipe3 cups cake flour1 3/4 cups sugar1 1/4 cups water1/2 c shortening (non-butter flavored)3 Tbs water, 3 Tbs oil, 2 tsp baking powder – whisk together before adding to mix (this...
Do you think they used the half ball soccer pan or the small little ball pan? They look bigger than that ball pan I have so Im wondering.. Unless there is a bigger ball pan I do not know of yet.... lol I would to try and do that for my son's class party, I think the kids would love it. Thanks for asking the question!!
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