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Thank you!!!!!
Thank you!!!!
Can I ask why it is safer to use fondant if it is edible
So I need to make a sheet cake look like a 40 dollar bill with a picture in place of the president. A few questions I am praying someone can answer... Do you suggest icing or fondant for edible images? Can I create a 40 dollar bill from a graphic design program then give the image to a bakery and get a custom size edible sheet? Any other tips/suggestions greatly appreciated Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Looking to purchase a pasta maker for fondant. Please recommend your favorite oneTIA!
Amazing...thank you!
I made a very large bow from gumpaste loops and it dried very quickly. Color and roll out gum paste. Cut into equal strips and wrap strips around a paper towel roll and pinch ends together. Make sure the end is about an inch long. Put roll in the refridgerator and it will harden in a hour. Position loops and use icing to adhere to top of cakeFondant looks and sounds much more intimidating than it is. Bake and ice the cake normally. Make sure the cake is flat and level...
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