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Happy Black Friday to one and all :) If anyone's around their comp's and not shopping, I could sure use some input regarding a cake I'm making. The cake is a chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache filling.  It's only 2 layers tall.  I wanted to decorate it in the ruffle style, with whipped white chocolate ganache instead of butter cream.  Has anyone else tried this? I just don't want to waste all that chocolate if it's not going to look right.  (Who am I...
Could you cover your tiers in a rainbow tye-dye fondant? Take a bunch of colours and mix them together, then roll it out. OR what about a tier of mini cupcakes cut out of various colours of fondant. Sounds like a challenging project for you
I'm in Eastern Passage. I can't get over the difference here when it comes to dampness!!! It seems on a day when it's overcast, I just put all my supplies away and hope for some sun Other than that, I LOVE it here! Thanks for your advice, I guess an AC is going to be the way to go.
Hi everyone. I've recently moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario and am having a hard time dealing with the dampness here when it comes to decorating. I find that my fondant gets sticky/melty and even my usual buttercream will not hold up. I made a 3d car cake this week and the buttercream started sliding off the cake. After painting it all the fondant stayed sticky. Is anyone here from NS that could offer some tricks or tips for dealing with the damp weather? Soo...
I'm working on my first wedding cake for this weekend. It's a three tiered off centred square cake. The base of the cake is going to be a 14" styro base. I'm wondering if the next tier (10") needs to be attached somehow to the styro, or if just setting it on top and doweling the 10" for the 6" going on top of that.Hope this makes sense! Thanks for your helpAmber
yeah, I just tried it out. Made the filling very very gritty. Ugggghhh. I guess I should have used the crystal light instead!!
Sooo I'm just wondering, has anyone tried to put Jello (the Gelatin not the Pudding) into their icing? I am making a raspberry cream cheese buttercream and find that it just isn't that flavourful. I've added a lot of raspberry jam. I thought maybe jello would help but I don't want to ruin what I already have!Thanks!
Thank you!!
I've decided to make a good friend's wedding cake. She wants a 3 tiered off centred square cake. I bought a set of square pans, 2" high. Are these ok? I figured I'd bake 2 layers per tier. Should I use the 3"? What's the big difference?? Thanks!
Hi everyone! I've used the virgin ice a lot (from bulk barn) and it actually tastes quite nice. It's easy to work with and there are about 10 or so colours to choose from.
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