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It kinda looks like a Carin Terrier puppy. I Googled resin Carin Terrier sculpture images. This is what I found. Hope that helps.
Thank you for the replies! I had read that the berries aren't as flavorful as they once were because of genetic engineering. They are bigger but the taste isn't there. Strawberries will be in season here in a few more weeks. I'm planning on hitting the u-pick fields and freezing as much as possible. I'm excited to try the cake again without store bought berries. Gonna fill with strawberry SMBC...sounds awesome! Jen, love your're a rockstar in my world!
Has anyone tried the strawberry version? I've made it three times with fresh, frozen and organic berries and just can't taste the berries. Are there any tips or suggestions I'm missing? I would really appreciate a little help. Thanks!
Check out the thread 'How do I achieve this gold'. I had asked the same question about coloring buttercream gold. A lot of helpful people answered with great advice. I've decided to try PME gold spray or Americolor airbrush gold to experiment. I hope this helps. Good luck!
Thank you everyone for all the great advice! My bride is a young one who I believe has been inspired by cakes she has seen on Pinterest. I know her budget isn't going to allow for a gold leaf cake even though those are the ones that caught her eye. I was just trying to figure out if a gold cake is even doable for her and safe for her guests since she definitely wants buttercream instead of fondant. I will most likely order the Americolor or PME spray and give it a try....
Jessicakes has a very good and easy to follow tutorial on a little purse cake on her blog. I'm sure you can google to find it.  She's very talented! hth!
Awesome!!! That's exactly what I needed to know. Can't thank you enough for researching! 
I read the brides posts on the wedding blog site. She seemed very excited about the baker doing her cake. Even mentioned she had done a cake for her future MIL, which she included a picture of. So she certainly couldn't have been surprised or disappointed. I agree with those who wish the bride had followed up on her blog that her cake was not  a replica in design or size of the dream cake she posted.
I'm not the most knowledgable person on this site but I think I can answer this one! If your cake drum is covered in fondant, a smear of buttercream will adhere the bottom of the cake circle to your drum. If not, and this is just me, you can cut a smallish circle of nonskid shelf liner with a little hole cut out of the center. Place it between the drum and cake board. Then drive a center dowel through the tiers making sure it pierces the drum also. I've driven many,many...
I covered it in white fondant... then cut strips of plastic wrap coated with a thin layer of Crisco and adhered them to what would be the white stripes. Then just airbrushed the whole thing red, removed the plastic wrap and painted the black outlines. It was super fast and easy!
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