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Thank you for your prompt reply~
Once you bake your cakes on Wednesday, do you let them cool completely or wrap them while warm?? and do you keep them out at room temp or fridge. and then on Thursday when you fill them, the same thing what do you do with them until the next day??
When you wrap your cakes are they completely cooled or do you wrap them warm ?? and do you thaw them on the counter or in the fridge??
I actually just recently did one of these cakes for a friends daughters wedding, I did it in buttercream, because they did not want fondant, other than the swags. You can do alternating layers of cakes, or if you want to have each tier halfed, you can bake a 12 inch choc layer, 12 inch vanilla layer, and cut each layer in half, stack side by side and then frost. when stacking I just turned each tier to get the swirlled effect. for the chocolate drizzle, i made some...
Thank you both for all the help, I will try that and see how it works.
Ive tried several MMF fondant recipes off CC, my question is what is the best roll out method? Ive purchase THE MAT, to use, but it seems to stick to it and have bubbles, tried the PS and Cornstarch on counter but it tends to be dry, and rips when I try to pick up and move anyone have any suggestions for rolling out or possibly a better recipe that works. My recipe is 16 oz marshmallows, 2 pd powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tbsp gylcerin (or corn syrup) , 3 tbsp water. mix...
Thanks everyone for your help, I will try and hopefully it will work out!!Thanks again, much appreciated
I need to make a couple for a upcoming cake and it will be made from gumpaste, can someone help with the the support structure for them to stand up on top of the cake?? I've looked for tutorials but most are sitting figures, any help would be greatly appreciated
I have used Ganache as a filling before also, if you are using buttercream on the outside of the cake, pipe a buttercream dam between your layers, fill with ganache. the cover your cake with buttercream as normal, I also put my cake in fridge for the buttercream to firm up, as long as you take it out before delivery of cake, it will soften back up !!
Hi, Just checking to see if any of you use Nicholas Lodge Gumpaste Recipe?? I made a batch Friday night and place in the fridge like it said for 24 hours, I pulled out yesturday morning to let come to room temperature, and worked with it a little yesturday afternoon, it feels quite different that say Wilton's Gumpaste, its fluffier or something, I am wondering if this is normal and if my decorations will dry as hard??Any advice will be appreciated.Or if anyone has another...
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